Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of togetherness and joyful collaboration and activity.

Wanting to inspire the world, we are activists of change with the Vision "WATER FOR ALL - ALL FOR WATER"! We want to create a planet of sustainability and wellbeing, to make a difference and change the world with joy.

We believe in “ALL PROFIT”!

We want to inspire and activate others through the universal languages of Music, Art, Dance, Social Business, Sport and others in order to change the world with joy.

Our vision is


We believe in the power of togetherness and collaboration in order to create a stable platform of synergies, where all kinds of positive impact evolves. Teamwork and community is what our ecosystem strives for.

We feel connected in our essential qualities and are all equal in our diversity. We want to be a role model for a world without racism, sexism and homophobia and do not accept these low energies in our space!

We want to make a difference in providing the basic human right of water, because we believe it is possible that every human being on this planet can have access to clean water and basic sanitation to live a life of dignity.

Everybody can join our platform with their own ideas and creative input.

Come join us - You are the Drop!