Social Business - our model

Villa Viva is a Social Family Business.

The majority of the shares in the company are within the hands of Viva con Agua Foundation.

Therefore the majority of all future profits of the business model will support the purpose of the NGO + all strategic decisions are driven to benefit Viva con Agua - both on a longterm basis.

Even the property itself is now owned from Viva con Agua with the same percentage (60%) as just mentioned. Therefore the value being generated for the vision "Water for All" is not only coming from annual profits of the guesthouse we work for, but also the property itself in the middle of Cape Town is now dedicated to drive the purpose for a very long time hopefully.

Yes we do Business - but we always do Social Business!

"Villa Viva is Social Business at its Best!"

Transparency is key for us! We want to be a role model for social business design and how business can be driven with purpose.

60% of the shares are held from Viva con Agua Foundation, whereas 40% of the shares are held by 23 private people, friends, investors - we called it Family Business.

Every cent investments needed to buy, renovate and transform Villa Viva in Cape Town was put on the table from our social investors. Viva con Agua itself  did not use any cent from donations or from anywhere else (OF COURSE) - since Viva con Agua was getting the shares for free.

Therefore we are thankful to our investors for being socially motivated and not only looking to maximize their profits. They were ready to give away the majority (60%) of the shares to Viva con Agua - even though the invested all own capital needed in the project. Thank you for that!

If you are interested in other details of the business model - pls get in touch with us. We are happy to answer all your questions and we want to be fully transparent.