About W.A.S.H

W.A.S.H. referring to the combination of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in order to deliver complete services to cover basic needs.

The human right to water and sanitation underpins all of our work!

Viva con Agua furthermore supports sustainable W.A.S.H. services and projects in South Africa and in many other African countries like Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and others.

We believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to safe, sufficient and sustainable W.A.S.H. in order to have the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.

Lets' get active and move towards a world where everybody can fulfil their basic needs.

“Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right”

Kofin Annan, United Nations Secretary General


W. Water

is a core requirement for sustainable development and is a critical requirement for socio-economic development, health, education and the ecosystem. Water is also celebrated around the world bringing people together in ritual, religious and cultural practices. Dealing with water is complex because of its linkages and interactions with so many other systems. With all the competing demands, power and politics at play, it is women and children that bear the highest cost of not having access to safe water.

S. Sanitation

refers to a facility, behaviour and services that safely separates human waste from human contact. If people have no choice but to defecate in the open, excreta is transferred back into water resources and the food chain.

H. Hygiene

refers to behaviours that can prevent the spread of disease.Without hand washing, the benefits of clean water and safe toilets will be limited. In some parts of the world there is little or no knowledge of how disease can be prevented by the simple act of hand washing or keeping certain surfaces hygienic. In other places, people may have the knowledge of good hygiene behaviour, but lack access to hand washing facilities, soap and water.